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Sustainable Transportation

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Tools for Sustainable Transportation

Commuter Choice Business Benefits Calculator
The U.S. EPA has developed a Web-based Calculator that enables an employer considering the Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative to estimate the financial, environmental, traffic-related, and other benefits of joining the program.

Improving Pedestrian Access to Transit: An Advocacy Handbook
This handbook was written under the auspices of the Federal Transit Administration. It can be downloaded as a PDF file.

TIET: The Teleworking Impact Estimation Tool
A JavaScript-based decision support tool created for analyzing the environmental and economic impacts of telework, from the Consortium for Green Design and Manufacturing at the University of California, Berkeley.

Traffic Calming for Communities
A one-day seminar on traffic calming for transportation planning professionals is available at this site. There is also a Power Point slide show that can be viewed or downloaded, and adapted as needed.

Traffic Reduction Street Reclaiming
This website is designed for people and cities that want less traffic, slower speed and better neighborhooods. The site provides traffic reduction and street reclaiming information and practical experiments for local action.

The Energy Yardstick: Using Place3s to Create More Sustainable Communities (PDF), developed by the California Energy Commission, Oregon Department of Energy, and the Washington State Energy Office. Tools for identifying existing conditions and then developing integrated, sustainable, and efficient regional and neighborhood comprehensive plans. Also offers good resources and case studies.

Walkable Communities: Twelve Steps for an Effective Program
Summarizes key planning, zoning, engineering, and development recommendations that can make communities more walkable. From the Florida Department of Transportation Pedestrian Facilities Planning & Design course. A PDF file.
Based on latitude and longitude, this system for matching carpoolers works anywhere in the world. Patented TripMatch software checks the coordinates that commuters enter to find potential matches.

Last updated: November 10, 2003

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