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Rural Issues Educational Materials

From the Ground Up is a teachers' lesson guide on food, agriculture, and sustainable development. This on-line version includes five lessons: The History of Agriculture and a Description of Sustainable Development; Soil; Agriculture and Chemicals; The Real Cost of Food; and Everything's Connected. This teachers' guide was developed by Green and Growing, a Canadian not-for-profit corporation that produces environmental education materials.

From A to Z in Sustainable Agriculture: A Curriculum Directory for Grades K-12 This booklet is a directory of resources and contacts for educating youth about sustainable agriculture, food and fiber systems, natural resources, and their connections to our communities.

The Utah Agriculture in the Classroom website helps teachers raise student awareness about agriculture and instill in them an appreciation for our food and fiber system. The website offers access to a variety of primers and instructional materials for schoolteachers.

ATTRA, the Appropriate Technology Transfer to Rural Areas program of the National Center for Appropriate Technology, has compiled an extensive list of resources for a Sustainable Agriculture Curricula K-12.

Last updated: November 19, 2002

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