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Community Energy Codes/Ordinances

1990 Energy Policy, Portland, Oregon

AB58 - Net Metering Law, California; September 2002

SB 43- Public Utility Renewable Energy Rules, New Mexico; March 2004

SB 1078 - Renewable Portfolio Standard, California; September 2002

HB 7 - Net Metering of Electricity, Utah; May 2002

HB 251-Advanced Energy Technology Development Act, New Mexico; March 2004

HBA 284 FN - Emissions Reductions From Existing Fossil Fuel

S.F. No. 1501 - Energy Efficiency Requirements, Minnesota; March 2001

Burning Steam Electric Power Plants, Massachusetts; January 2002

California Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards, December 2004

California Buildings Energy Efficiency Standards, November 2003

California Energy-Efficient Building Standards, January 2001

Colorado Renewable Energy Standard, December 2004

Connecticut Green Power Requirement, April 2004

Declaration of Community Responsibility, Covenants, and Restrictions (1995), New Pattonsburg, Missouri

Energy Conservation in Buildings Act of 1974, Florida

Environmental Portfolio Standard, Arizona; February 2001

Green Builder Program, Austin, Texas

HBA of Metro Denver Green Building Program, Denver, Colorado

House Bill 3283: Energy Facility Siting, Portland, Oregon; 1997

Massachusetts Renewable Energy Regulation, February 2002

Net Metering Law, New York; September 2002

New York Energy Efficiency Mandate, New York; June 2001

New York Renewable Portfolio Standard, New York; September 2004

Outdoor Lighting Standards, Chittendon County, Vermont; 1995

Renewable Energy Credit Regulations, Nevada; 2002

Renewable Energy Mitigation Program (REMP), Aspen, Colorado

Renewable Portfolio Standard, New Jersey; 2004

Revised Seattle Energy Code Seattle, Washington; 2002

Solar Access: Summary of Ordinance, Boulder, Colorado; 1991

Solar Access, Thermal Performance, and Solar Heating Ordinances, Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin; 1980

Solar Codes and Ordinances, Article XIV, Special Provisions (Summer 1996), New Pattonsburg, Missouri

Solar Rights Act, State of New Mexico; 1978

Solar Rights Act, State of Wyoming; 1978

Solar and Wind Easements, Montana; 1979 and 1983

Sustainable Building Policy, Seattle, Washington; February 2000

Sustaining Maryland's Future with Clean Power, Green Buildings and Energy Efficiency, an Executive Order, March 2001

Texas Renewable Generation Requirement, December 1999

Title 9 Land Use Regulations: Chapter 8 Solar Access, Boulder, Colorado

Wind Energy Policy, Bureau of Land Management; October 2002

Wind Energy Supply Agreement, Colorado; October 2002

Last updated: February 9, 2005

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