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Air Quality Codes/Ordinances

Probably the most comprehensive and best known air quality legislation is the Clean Air Act. EPA provides the text of the Clean Air Act and its amendments, as well as the Plain English Guide to the Clean Air Act, on its website.

Recently several states have adopted renewable energy portfolio standards designed at least in part to improve air quality. These include California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland and Rhode Island.

There are many municipalities and other local governments with codes and ordinances addressing air quality, particularly as related to burning, vehicle emissions, and building ventilation. A few examples from different regions are referenced here.

California's Air Resources Board offers a web page that links to current text of local, state, and federal statutes plus state and local regulations effecting air quality management in California.

Air Quality Codes, Criteria and More is a website of Canada's Government of British Columbia. It lists codes, model bylaws and more, addressing industrial and vehicular pollution.

North Carolina Division of Air Quality lists clean air efforts undertaken by the state, including legislation, rules, and plans. Codified rules are also available at the site.

The City of Fort Collins, Colorado, has Air Quality ordinances addressing radon, wood smoke, and smoking vehicles.

Linn County, Iowa, adopted an Air Quality Ordinance in 2002 that may be viewed as a PDF file.

The Washington State Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Code is available online.

Last updated: June 30, 2004

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