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Sustainable Business Tools

The Business Recycling Cost Model assists medium to large businesses and institutions in assessing the cost effectiveness of recycling and waste reduction programs.

Economic Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment is a site furnished by the Green Design Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University that allows users to estimate the overall environmental impacts from producing a certain dollar amount of any of 500 commodities or services in the United States.

Environmental Defense Fund's MERGE Software allows consumer product developers to quickly and easily factor the environment into the design and chemical and material composition of products they are developing or redesigning.

The Global Enviroment Management Institute's SD Planner helps companies evaluate, plan for and integrate sustainable development into business processes. The tool addresses all three aspects of sustainable development: environmental impact, economic development, and social equity as well as activities that can be undertaken toward achieving those goals.

The Global Environment Management Institute's Water Sustainability Tool assists individual companies and other organizations to better understand what emerging water issues might mean for them, given their operations, needs, and circumstances. The tool is designed to help individual companies build a business water strategy.

GreenBiz's Toolkit offers a comprehensive collection of resources to help companies assess their sustainability profile, calculate company impact, locate software, and pursue other paths toward improved performance.

The Institute of Chemical Engineeer's Sustainability Metrics (PDF format) is designed to help companies set targets and monitor the progress of their annual sustainability performance. The tool provides a coherent set of measures to assess the impact of a process plant, a group of plants, part of a supply chain, a whole supply chain, a utility or other process system.

The International Network for Environmental Management's Toolkit provides downloadable tools that can help companies improve environmental performance and reputation while reducing waste, water, energy and other costs.

Natural Logic Software provides software, databases and information tools for environmental and business excellence. Tools include an interactive checklist for environmental quality and efficiency, an ecoaudit toolkit, and environmental indicator software for business performance.

SimaPro Life Cycle Analysis Software is a tool to collect, analyse and monitor environmental information for products and services. You can easily model and analyse complex life cycles in a clear and transparent way, following the ISO 14040 series recommendations.

Teleworking Impact Estimation Tool is an on-line tool developed by UC Berkeley's Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing that enables users to estimate environmental impacts of transportation, electronic equipment usage at home and in the office, and lighting related to telecommuting.

Web-based Paper Calculator calculates the U.S. average energy and wood consumption and environmental releases summed across the full "life cycle" of each of five major grades of paper and paperboard. For a given grade, it allows the user to compare the environmental impacts of papers made with different levels of post-consumer recycled content, ranging from 0% (i.e., virgin paper) to 100%.

Last updated: January 18, 2005

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